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The perfect

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Guaranteed quality floor screed

Wooden floor

Get the finish you need

To get a smooth finish use our floor screed. It is the ideal top layer to add to your structural concrete or floor insulation. The standard of finish is high so that you can decorate the floor without hassle. You don’t have to worry about throwing away excess screed as we’ll make sure you get the right amount. Just one of the many handy services you get with us. Get in touch today to place an order.

 A tipper truck making a delivery

That added extra from Handy Concrete

You can work with our screed for hours because we add a retardant to the mix. Fibre screed has the addition of polypropylene fibres that will improve the mix. It gives it increased impact resistance, fire resistance and reduces plastic shrinkage cracking. Just like our ready mix concrete, you can rely on a speedy delivery when you want it.

Screeding a floor? We'll advise you on your best options:

  • Floor screed mix
  • Cement screed
  • Concrete floor screed
  • Dry screed
  • Underfloor heating screed
  • Ready mix screed
  • Sand cement screed
  • Fibre reinforced screed
  • Levelling screed
  • Quick drying screed
  • Bonded screed
  • Screed floor finish
  • Tile screed
  • Waterproof floor screed

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